• naturallymiatai

Pro's and Con's of Being a Hairstylist

Hair styling can be one of the most rewarding and amazing careers that can provide flexibility, and the ability to have control over your income, and what you get out of it directly depends on what you put in. You must be very patient, and self-motivated, humble, and observant of others that are experts in the art. You must also have the drive to never, ever stop learning. You have to be prepared to do whatever it takes to hone your skill. If you are not truly passionate about the job, you will probably find that you don’t care to put in the time and hard work it requires to become successful. However, if you do have the love and perseverance to stick with it, I believe the payoff is worth it.


  • Schedule flexibility

  • Control over your income

  • Creative freedom

  • Job Satisfaction

  • Leave with tips everyday

  • You meet so many amazing people

  • Create a regular clientele


  • It takes time to be successful

  • Benefits-though some do, many salons do not offer benefits such as healthcare, 401K and paid time off

  • It is physically taxing. Being on your feet all day can lead to foot, leg, and back problems

  • People interaction many clients are not so friendly

  • Clients can be demanding

  • Takes a while to build a clientele and make good money